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Digital Lab Africa (DLA) is a platform and a call for projects dedicated to creative content linked with innovation in Africa (web creation, virtual reality, video game, animation, digital music). The very idea of DLA is to incubate next-gen creative talent by offering them a springboard to jump-start and accelerate their projects with the support and expertise of DLA ecosystem (studios, events, producers, broadcasters, distributors, experts, incubation venues…) from France and Sub-Saharan African countries.
The Digital Lab Africa call for projects is open to anyone from the field of digital content creation: artists, producers, designers, start-ups, SMEs, collectives, students or entrepreneurs, based in Sub-Saharan Africa or a national of a country in this region.
The call targets developing projects, in need of partners and financial support, innovative projects from the perspective of form, narration, content and technologies used, in one of the 5 categories of multimedia production: web creation, virtual reality, video game, digital music and animation.

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Digital Lab Africa #3 Call for applications
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